Canvas Faculty Course Request Form


Be aware that you MUST consult with your department chair regarding the possibilities of offering your course online prior to completing this form. 

You must complete this form to get your class and or account set up in Canvas. If you have a cross listed course or you would like to have more than one section of the same course number enrolled into one single class please fill out the form accordingly. This means that all of your students from your sections are enrolled into one Canvas course. Please use a valid email address otherwise I will not receive your request after you submit the form. If you have any questions about this form please contact Chad Estrella by email or at x5537.

First Name*: The name of the instructor that will be teaching the course.
Last Name*:
Email*: Must be a valid email address
Subject*: Ex. English
Course Number: Ex. 101
Section Number*: Ex. 10837 (If Development enter 00000)
Term Offered*:    
Does the class finish in the same term it started in? Yes   No If it started in Spring 2016 does it finish in Spring 2016.
Is this a cross listed course? Yes   No  
Cross Listed Section Number:  
Would you like more sections enrolled into the class you requested? Yes   No  
Additional section numbers you want enrolled into the class you requested: (These sections will be enrolled into the class you requested above. It will give you one Canvas class for several section numbers.) 1.




Course Type:
Online: 100% online
Hybrid: Class meets on campus and online
Web Enhanced: Supplement to on-campus
Development: No students will be enrolled. The course is not to be used as a live course.