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We are in unique and challenging economic times in the Santa Clarita Valley and throughout California. While there has been considerable debate about funding of important initiatives and causes, no one has questioned the value of the state’s community colleges and the role they play in training the workforce of the future.

College of the Canyons has distinguished itself over the past 40-plus years as a leader in anticipating and understanding the needs of the future. It is also known for its responsiveness and effectiveness in creating programs to meet those needs -- to provide our students the skills to succeed in high-demand and cutting-edge careers. The outstanding reputation of the college’s Nursing program and the success of the many programs operating in the University Center are testaments to the role the college plays in our community.

Providing top-notch skills to help students succeed in the important and ever-changing Culinary Arts industry is an important goal we can all embrace. Raising funds to construct a new building to house the College of the Canyons Institute for Culinary Education is not only the right thing to -- it is very doable!

Please help us create a new Culinary Arts Center on the College of the Canyons campus!

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togetherWelcome to the Capital Campaign to build a permanent home for the College of the Canyons Institute for Culinary Education. We're glad you're here!

shutterstock56418463a1aWhatever your background, food satisfies very basic needs: it nourishes; it provides comfort and pleasure. Some people eat to live, some live to eat; some people eat only meat, others only vegetables; some crave spice, others like their food bland. The variety of foods, tastes and preferences is endless. But there is one common denominator. Food has to be acquired and prepared by someone. You trust that your food will be prepared in a sanitary, nutritional, exciting and mouth-watering way. A great meal involves aroma, freshness, appearance, consistency, color, pairing with other foods, variety of food types, portion size and much, much more. As you sit down to enjoy a sumptuous meal, you are participating in the final step of an intricate, labor-intensive, demanding, time-critical and artistic process. You are experiencing the Culinary Arts.

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dvhWe Must Build It Now!

College of the Canyons plays a vital role in preparing students with the skills they need for rewarding careers. Workforce skill development is key to our mission and is, in these difficult financial times, critical for the economic recovery of our valley, region and state. One of the hottest career fields, now and into the foreseeable future, is Culinary Arts. A permanent, well-equipped culinary arts training facility on the Valencia campus will enable us to meet student and business needs in a wide range of Culinary Arts disciplines.

Chancellor, College of the Canyons


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