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Welcome to our Outreach Program Curricula
at College of the Canyons!

These curricula are gleaned from a variety of resources (see literature cited section in each lab) and represent over 6 different lab activities some with 4 different levels suitable for an introductory course in biotechnology.  You are welcome to reproduce and/or modify these labs except for the cover page which should be left intact. 

All of the labs are available in PDF and MS Word formats. 
Please read this entire page prior to printing and using any of the labs. 

Editing or Modifying Laboratory Documentation

  • Adobe Acrobat files are nice as they maintain file format on all computer platforms.

  • If you want to modify a document, I recommend you use MS Word with Times New Roman at font size 12. 

  • Check the document prior to printing. You can also edit the PDF file if you have Adobe Acrobat, not just the free Reader.

-Jim Wolf


The overriding reason for creating this group of labs was to generate a cohesive set of introductory activities. Many biotechnology lab manuals are either too focused (i.e. all DNA), too vocational (i.e. manufacturing) or too reference oriented. Furthermore, the curricula available through outreach programs, lab manuals, colleagues and other sources; while useful, make it difficult to present a standard template. By putting them all into a standard format, the students know better what expect. 
The labs start off with a cover page that helps to put the material in context. This is followed by a list of learning objectives. Next is an introduction to the lab focusing on theory and technique. Then there is the lab itself with numerous start and stop points, which allow easy integration into a number of time schedules.  Lastly there are some post lab questions. 

Biotechnology Labs

The “real” biotechnology labs start with HPLC and become progressively more complex.  Gel Filtration, DNA electrophoresis and pAMP, Transformation, Food Lab are all free standing, but students benefit from prior experience working with labs in The Outreach series, so make reservations for more than 1 lab!  Additional Biotechnolgy labs are available from Jim Wolf upon request, but students benefit from prior experience working with labs in the Biology Series.

Technical Prep and Post Labs

The final two adjuncts on the website are detailed lab prep sheets and teacher hints. The prep sheets are in Word format, and can be easily updated/modified as needed. Please note: certain assumptions regarding technical prep have been made. They are not exhaustive and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me (Jim Wolf). The teacher guides are useful background and snapshots (essentially a set of cliff notes for the entire lab) are available upon request from Jim Wolf.


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