Astronomy 100 Orientation

Note 1: Blackboard cannot be logged into until the very first day of class.

Note 2: The class is closed. Please do not email requesting to add. Students on the official waitlist will be contacted only if space becomes available.

Your top priority is to log into blackboard and follow the instructions there.


1.     Login to  blackboard clickhttp://bb8.canyons.edu

a.     Enter user name     7 digit student ID number

b.    Enter password      student

2.     Follow the instructions in blackboard

3.    You must log into blackboard or you may be dropped

4.    If you are having trouble getting into blackboard call 661-362-3344 or click http://www.canyons.edu/offices/distance_learning/stusupport/techsupport.asp 

5.     If you still cannot get into blackboard contact the instructor below


Contact Information:

Instructor: John Sepikas

Email: john.sepikas@canyons.edu

Phone: 626-585-7322 (PLEASE call if you have not gotten an email response. When you leave a message be sure to start with you phone number and speak slowly.)


FAQs and useful links


1.     Textbook: Horizons by Michael Seeds, same edition as in the book store. Previous editions may be used but students are responsible for the material in the current edition. If you wish to start reading early read chapters 1-6.

2.     Adding: The class is currently closed. Only students on the official waitlist will be added in time order.  Please do not email requesting to add, such emails may not be responded to.



This link provides useful log on information for the student.


Distance Learning Home Page: http://www.canyons.edu/distancelearning


Online Learning Readiness assessments: http://www.canyons.edu/offices/distance_learning/info/Assessments.asp.


Counseling 070 information: http://www.canyons.edu/offices/distance_learning/info/COUNS070.asp

This link gives beneficial information to students contemplating online learning for the first time.






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