Course Syllabus

CMPSCI 235 – Section #26831 – C Programming

Winter Intersession 2017

Course Description: Introduces "C" Programming including data types, operators and expressions, control flow logic, program structure, arrays, functions and file I/O.

When and Where: MTWTH 1:30 PM – 4:20 PM, HSLH-133

Please check the CMPSCI 235 Canvas Web Page each week for:

Instructor: Benjamin Riveira

Office Hours: By appointment only, email for appointment
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Required Text: C++ for Engineers and Scientists, 4th Ed., Author: Bronson, ISBN: 9781133187844

Student Learning Outcomes:  By the end of this course, the student will be able to design, analyze and evaluate computer programs using the 'C' programming language.


Programming Quizzes (4 @ 20 points each)

80 points

Midterm Exam

80 points

Final Exam

100 points

Total Points Possible

260 points


Needed Point Totals:






       208 – 233


       182 – 207


       156 – 181


       155 <

Programming Quizzes:  Programming Quizzes are composed of multiple choice and true/false questions based on your textbook’s material, as well as programming exercises selected from the end of each chapter.  This means that if you have the textbook, you already have copies of all the quizzes.  Quiz programming exercises will be posted on Canvas one week prior to each quiz.  Quizzes will be given in the first 30 minutes of class on the scheduled date.  Do NOT wait until the day of a quiz to write solutions for the programming exercises because you will NOT have enough time.  Because of the extremely short duration of the Winter Intersession, make up quizzes will NOT be given.

Final Exam:  The final exam will be very similar to the programming quizzes given throughout the semester.  The programming exercise(s) for the final exam will be posted on Canvas one week prior to the exam.

Academic Dishonesty:  On quizzes and exams, you may refer to class notes and/or the PowerPoint slides provided by your instructor.  However, discussing answers with other students during a quiz or exam is forbidden.  On any quiz or exam, you are expected to submit only your own work; discussion of answers with other students or use of electronic devices not expressly approved by the instructor is forbidden.  Submission of plagiarized programming code is forbidden and will result in penalties for both students.  Penalties for academic dishonesty may result in a grade of “F” for the entire course.  Additionally, instances of academic dishonesty may be reported to the Dean of Students for further action.  If you have any doubts about what is considered dishonest, please ask the instructor for guidance before taking such a serious risk.

Attendance:  Attendance will be taken for all class meetings at the beginning of class. Should a student be tardy, it is the student's responsibility to sign in after class to inform me of their presence.  Otherwise, the student will be marked as absent for the class.  The instructor reserves the right to drop a student after 2 absences.  However, it remains the student's responsibility (not the instructor's) to officially drop the course if necessary.  The student should not assume that she/he will be dropped after these absences, nor should she/he assume that she/he will not be dropped.

Classroom Behavior: College level behavior is expected.  Smartphones, iPod/MP3 devices and headphones/earbuds must be turned off and put away during class.  Lab computers are reserved for class-related activities.  Playing online games, browsing eBay or sports sites and participating in chat rooms and other non-class related web surfing is strictly prohibited.  Additionally, students who engage in disruptive behavior will be asked to leave the class or will be referred to the Dean of Students.  Disruptive behavior includes any of the following during lecture:


Important Dates:

Course Schedule (Subject to Change)




Review Syllabus, Chapter 1, Fundamentals of C++ Programming


Chapter 1, Fundamentals of C++ Programming


Chapter 1, Fundamentals of C++ Programming


Quiz 1, Chapter 2, Problem Solving Using C++


Chapter 2, Problem Solving Using C++


Chapter 3, Assignment, Formatting, and Interactive Input


Quiz 2, Chapter 3, Assignment, Formatting, and Interactive Input


Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday (No class meeting)


Chapter 4, Selection Structures


Chapter 4, Selection Structures


Midterm Exam


Chapter 5, Repetition Statements


Chapter 5, Repetition Statements


Chapter 6, Modularity Using Functions


Quiz 3, Chapter 6, Modularity Using Functions


Chapter 6, Modularity Using Functions


Chapter 7, Arrays


Quiz 4, Chapter 7, Arrays


Final Exam