Is the Paralegal Profession right for You?

The following skills and traits are typical of successful paralegals.

You like research.

A paralegal is able to perform factual and legal research.

You are organized.

You organize files or documents in paper or electronic form and can quickly locate information or documents. Good organization skills can make or break a client’s case, help reduce stress, and go a long way in making the paralegal an indispensible member of a legal team.

You are a good writer.

Clear, error-free writing is an essential part of a paralegal's job.

You work well with limited supervision.

You should be able to perform an assigned task and then suggest the next steps based upon experience and the direction of the case.

You are flexible and work well under pressure.

Being flexible, unflappable and handling criticism well are valuable qualities for a successful paralegal.

You have good people skills and a genuine desire to help clients.

A paralegal must be comfortable working with diverse groups of people.

You have a positive attitude.

A positive attitude is an essential quality for working with a legal team and for successful client relations.

You are computer literate/savvy.

The best paralegals are not only comfortable with technology, but are knowledgeable about technology issues.

Student Advice

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