OVERVIEW:  The Children’s Garden is a part of the Gardens of the Canyons.  This project was inspired by current research that reveals an increased disconnect between children and their experiences in nature.  This lack of exposure to nature creates serious implications directly affecting the developing child.  The educators working with young children at the Center for Early Childhood Education aspire to instill the sense of wonder and knowledge of the natural world.  The children’s gardens and garden activities connect them with nature and provide meaningful learning opportunities throughout the curriculum.

MISSION STATEMENT:  The Children’s Garden will engage children, parents, students, and staff and community in a continuous learning process and raise awareness and appreciation of nature by infusing curriculum with experiential learning of the life-cycle of a garden.  The Children’s Garden will be a model in nature education for parents, early childhood educators/students.


  • To bring focus to childhood health and nutrition.

  • To provide contextual learning opportunities about the importance of healthy eating, how the life cycle is connected, and how produce is grown.

  • To facilitate children’s developmental processes of learning through math, science, literacy and social/emotional skills; as well as problem solving and teamwork.

  • To educate about sustainability and its importance in the world.

  • To create and sustain wildlife habitats.

  • To provide an outdoor environment for Early Childhood Education students to experience teaching strategies to incorporate into lesson plans for working with young children.

  • To provide opportunities for the campus community to collaborate and assist with sustaining the garden projects needs.


The Children’s Garden Project includes two phases.  The first phase:  establishing The Children’s Garden.  The second phase includes: a) Butterfly Garden; and b) Teaching Demonstration Children’s Garden

Children’s Gardens:

The Children’s Gardens are the renovation and creation of Gardens within each of the existing play yards on the Valencia and Canyon Country campuses. These garden areas will extend the learning opportunities in the children’s yards offering experiential opportunities in year round organic gardening and appreciation of nature.

Butterfly Garden:

The future Butterfly Garden will be located on the hillside in east of the Early Childhood Education Center on the Valencia campus and will incorporate plantings that attract the migration of the monarch, painted lady and other butterflies.  The Butterfly Garden will provide the experience of a Natural Habitat and life cycle indigenous to our local.

Teaching Demonstration Garden:

The future Teaching Demonstration Garden will be a part of the Gardens of the Canyons Campus Community Garden on the Valencia campus. The Teaching Demonstration Garden will provide the opportunity for children, parents, students, and staff to develop knowledge and skills in scientific inquiry in a meaningful context that encourages exploration and discovery with the campus community.  Experiences will provide hands-on learning about nature, nutrition and sustainability.

Gardens of the Canyons and Nature Walk:

Please visit the Gardens of the Canyons and Nature Walk to learn more about our beautiful campus gardens.





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