Department of History



Sherrill Pennington, M.A.
Department Chair

Eastern Civilization, U.S., World
661-362-3717 SCOH 306A

Stephen Branch, M.A.
U.S., American Indians
661-362-3064 HSLH 328

Michael Dermody, M.A.
U.S., Western Civilization
661-362-3354 SCOH 202D

Bradley Reynolds, Ph.D.
U.S., Latin America, California
661-362-3388 BONH 329

Brent Riffel, Ph.D.
U.S., Middle East, Recent America
661-362-3151 BOYK 309

Connie Tripp, M.A.
Women’s History, U.S., California
661-362-5931 HSLH 341

John Varga, M.A.
Latin America, U.S.
661-362-3720 SCOH 312E



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History tutoring is available in the Valencia TLC.

For more information, please contact Kim Haglund in the TLC.





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