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Computer Science Description

Computer science is an exciting program dealing with the problems in organizing, representing, manipulating and presenting information in an automatic processing environment.  Computerized information systems are being developed and used in almost every field.  The goal of the computer science program is to provide an understanding of the functions of the modern computer and operational skills in program development. There is an increasing demand for software engineers as anything that plugs into a wall outlet or runs on a battery has a microcontroller or microprocessor at its core and therefore an embedded program running.



Course Syllabi and links (note: some courses are spring/fall only)

Computer Science Courses

Comp Sci 111 & 111L

Introduction to Algorithms and Programming: Java

Comp Sci 122 (spring only)

Computer Architecture and Assembly Language

Comp Sci 132

Introduction to Algorithms and Programming: Visual Basic

Comp Sci 182 (spring only)

Data Structures and Program Design

Comp Sci 222 (fall only)

Computer Organization

Comp Sci 235

Introduction to C Programming and Embedded Systems

Comp Sci 236 (spring only)

C++ Programming

Comp Sci 282 (fall only)

Advanced Data Structures






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