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From Major to Career, Part 2: Evaluating Your Strengths

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About this tutorial

This online tutorial will assist students that are undeclared in choosing a major and/or career pathway. Career decision-making can be an overwhelming process; however, the more you know about yourself, the better career decisions you will make. This tutorial walks you through the step-by-step process of career decision-making and provides you with an opportunity to examine yourself as you complete the worksheet.

This section will guide you through the first step to major and career exploration: self-assessment. You will be asked to define your personal values, interests, skills, abilities, and personality style. There are many different career assessments designed to guide you through this process and Part 3 will introduce you to some of those online resources.

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From Major to Career, Part 1: Introduction, should be viewed prior to this tutorial.


About the Presenter

Connie Perez

Counseling Faculty at College of the Canyons


Liz Shaker

Counseling Faculty at College of the Canyons

What to do Next

From Major to Career, Part 3: Values, Majors, and Directions


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