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Recognizing the Slippery Slope of the Little White Lie

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About this tutorial

We all have had occasion to tell a fib to protect ourselves, our reputations, someone else’s feelings… And we have experienced the panic when a little white lie turns viral and out of control. This short video is going to teach you to quickly recognize a cover up before it is too late to change it.

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About the Presenter
  • Christopher Bauer

    Christopher Bauer is clinical psychologist with a special interest in how individuals and organizations make decisions, both good and bad.. His work with students is focused primarily on how to make better decisions about life, love, and the wide array of ethical challenges which school and work present way each and every day. He has a M.S. in Child Development from the UC, Davis and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Arizona State University. He speaks to schools and businesses across the U.S. and Canada about both professional ethics and decision-making skills.

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