A Compelling Need

Being a Chef means you have mastered the classroom skills and techniques of the Culinary Arts profession. To become a great Chef, there is something more -- an intangible element that places a person higher up the artistic ladder.

That ”something” is inspiration. Whenever I am presented with a unique array of wonderfully fresh ingredients, I simply throw away the cookbooks and create. I don’t worry about what I am doing or over-think it. I have a strong faith that all of my training and experience will lead to success.

When I am teaching Culinary classes, I try to raise my students to that level of confidence.

A restaurant kitchen is merely a space filled with hardware. It doesn’t achieve a personality or a fine reputation until staff are hired and they infuse their skills, training, visions and creativity into the character of the business.

Great local restaurants like TPC are blessed to have employees who possess those skills, but there will always be a need to seek fresh ideas in order to remain at the top of this highly competitive market.

With a training facility like the College of the Canyons iCuE nearby, we can be assured that there will be a continual supply of motivated, inspired and well-trained people to bring fresh ideas to our restaurants, and to our industry, for years to come.

The benefits of having a Culinary Arts facility at College of the Canyons will be significant and long-lasting.

Executive Chef
Tournament Players Club, Valencia

the benefits


It is time for an on-campus teaching facility!

schwankephotopqThe Santa Clarita Valley needs a modern, efficient, affordable, maintainable, and accessible education center where all aspects of the culinary arts can be taught to the highest possible standards. We envision a center, where instruction in the culinary arts will be conducted by the most talented and respected professionals available, at an affordable cost -- and of the highest quality -- that will encourage students of all ages and backgrounds who wish to pursue the culinary arts as a lifelong profession.

The National Restaurant Association’s statistics show that the industry employed 12.7 million people in the United States in 2010. It is one of the largest private sector employers in the United States with sales in excess of $580 billion.

The Santa Clarita Valley and the greater Los Angeles area are home to 2007 restaurants of all sizes and types. Among these restaurants are some of the finest established eateries in the country as well as ethnic and theme restaurants, the newest in fusion restaurants, and restaurants that combine the best of cultures, techniques and cutting-edge culinary ideas.

These restaurants will need well-trained, creative and passionate employees for generations to come, underlining the need for a permanent teaching facility on the College of the Canyons campus.

• A permanent home for the Culinary Arts program will enable us to train as many as 200 students each year in a wide variety of culinary specialties.

• The new Culinary Art facility will enable us to create a Culinary Arts Associate in Arts degree and a Certificate in Wine Studies as well as additional future programs.

• The college’s instruction in the Culinary Arts currently offers a Certificate of Achievement in Culinary Arts and a certificate of Specialization in Baking and Pastry. We also offer Wine Studies and Hospitality Wine Service certificates of specialization.

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