Nicole Faudree

Nicole attended Pepperdine University School of Law. Her practice area was Civil Litigation before coming to College of the Canyons. In addition to being the department chair, she teaches Introduction to Law, Legal Research, Legal Writing & Analysis, and the Seminar course.Back to Top

Dana Nasser

Dana attended Loyola Law School. Her experience is in Insurance Defense Litigation. Dana teaches Torts, Introduction to Law, Contracts, Legal Ethics and Business Law.Back to Top

Marcy Calnan, J.D, M.Ed.

Marcy attended Southwestern Law School and received her Juris Doctorate in 1999. She practiced Corporate Law in Los Angeles, CA. Marcy teaches Introduction to Law, Contract Law, and Tort Law.Back to Top

Lori H. Young MPS

Lori received a Master’s degree in Paralegal Studies from The George Washington University. She is a full-time senior paralegal at the law firm of Thompson Von Tungeln, A P.C. Firm. She specializes in Wills, Probate, and Elder Law.Back to Top

Kim R. Gundlach

Kim graduated with honors from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. Her practice area is Business Litigation and Bankruptcy. Kim teaches Introduction to Law and Civil Litigation.Back to Top

Student Advice

"You'll gain a lot of knowledge from all the Professors"

-Elvira Solorzano