Program Goals:

  • 1. To provide students with an understanding of the American legal system and the role of the paralegal in that legal system.

  • 2. Give students the legal theoretical background needed to perform paralegal tasks in substantive areas of law and legal specialties.

  • 3. Educate and train students in areas of procedural law emphasizing the paralegal’s role in litigation, mediation, and arbitration.

  • 4. Help students obtain critical paralegal skills in areas including investigation, legal research, conducting an interview, and written and oral communications.

  • 5. Motivate students to ethically serve the public and the legal system.

  • 6. Provide students with the tools needed to become contributing members of the legal profession.

  • 7. Completion of the program with an associate degree in Paralegal Studies.

AA Degree Requirements – Effective Fall 2013

PARLGL 101 - Introduction to Law
PARLGL 104 - Contract Law
PARLGL 105 - Tort Law
PARLGL 106 - Legal Analysis and Writing*
PARLGL 107 - Legal Ethics
PARLGL 108 - Legal Research and Computerized Legal Research*
PARLGL 109 - Computer Literacy for Paralegals
PARLGL 111 - Civil Litigation I*
PARLGL 112 - Civil Litigation II*
PARLGL 150 - Family Law
PARLGL 200 - Paralegal Seminar**
CWEXP 188 - Cooperative Work Experience Education – Paralegal

Total (31) units
The associate in arts degree in Paralegal Studies requires a minimum of 21 semester units of general education;
31 units of legal specialty course work;
and 9 units of additional course work.

*Recommended Sequence of Courses

These courses may be taken in any order, but due to the complexity of the following courses, it is recommended that students take these following courses during their second year in the program:

PARLGL 106 - Legal Analysis and Writing
PARLGL 108 - Legal Research and Computerized Legal Research
PARLGL 111 - Civil Litigation I
PARLGL 112 - Civil Litigation II
PARLGL 200 - Paralegal Seminar

**NOTE: This course requires the completion of ALL paralegal studies courses prior to enrollment OR being concurrently enrolled in the remaining.

Student Advice

"You'll gain a lot of knowledge from all the Professors"

-Elvira Solorzano